The PowerLaser Basic 500 is a therapeutic laser primarily for private use. It is, however, also used by some practitioners.

The PowerLaser Basic 500 is used primarily for the treatment of a small part of the body where the laser targets a specific muscle or an acupuncture/trigger point.


Two different program options allow you to select the desired effect from treatment to treatment, the time setting is the same. The desired program is selected by pushing a button, which is also used to start and stop the laser. The laser makes a sound when it starts and stops.

Accessories include an acupuncture tip and a light guide (primarily for dental use), which can be attached to the PowerLaser Basic 500. 

The PowerLaser Basic 500 comes with a 2-year warranty against material and manufacturing defects.

The PowerLaser Basic 500 is also offered in a 1500 mW version

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